Sunday, October 21, 2018

Fusion Communication: October 21

Hi all,

Ahhhh - three day weekend for the students. They need it:) This communication is going to be A LOT about the Montreal

Montreal Field Trip Update - Details for a Great Experience

Below are some hints for having a great trip to Montreal:

1) It will be cold - Please make sure your child is prepared with warm, layered clothing. They will be outside for hours in 30 degree weather.

Montreal Weather Forecast

2) Students should have a lot of snacks - necessary as they will be on the go all day

Fresh fruit and vegetables should be avoided - issues from time to time at the border
Better option - fruit cups and commercially pre-packaged veggies
No soda or energy drinks (please limit the candy)
There are many affordable options for lunch but no student should feel they have to purchase lunch

3) Canadian Money is not necessary but few store owners will convert American to Canadian at the official exchange rate… or at all if the purchase is small.

Better to have Canadian before going (call your local bank to see if they issue Canadian) - students can stop to convert near Place d’Armes and most tourist locations have an exchange-like business.

Chip enabled debit cards (yes, some students do have them) are the best way to save:) Make sure the student knows their PIN and you have contacted the issuing bank to alert them of travel to Canada on Friday, October 26

Most students will be quite satisfied with $15. Groups will be planning their small group excursions this week - your child should be able to show you a menu of a place in which they will eat.

4) Cell service/Data charges (please check your plan details - the team is giving general information about the dominant cell plans)

Verizon has switched to an all inclusive system - students should be able to use voice/text/data as they would in the states

AT&T and Sprint - additional charges will be assessed if the student uses cell service without a special plan. Please check your carrier to see the options.

5) If your family has an emergency and you feel your child should know, please contact the school first. The school will have Mr. Pless’ number and will contact him.

Expected Montreal Itinerary (there are ALWAYS complications – please be flexible):
6:45 AM - Students should be at BRMS

7:00 AM – Latest departure from BRMS for Montreal

9:30 AM - Expected Arrival time in Montreal (We are always delayed at the border for at least 30 minutes)

9:45: Meet and greet and headcount of small groups

10:00-11:30 Tour with Student Tour Guides

11:30ish -1:50 Lunch and small group excursion

1:50 Meet at Archeological Museum

2:00 – 3:30: We will go in the Archeological Museum as a team.

3:45 - 4:00 Meet outside the Museum.

4:00 – Latest departure time for BRMS

6:30-7:00- Hopefully return to BRMS (all depends if we get caught behind a Greyhound Bus:)

October 4 - 25: Parent Conferences Tuesdays and Thursdays (see sign-up link above)


October 26: Montreal Field Trip

November 19-23: School Break

November 30: First ⅞ Dance of the year! Woot!

Curriculum Updates return next week
Weather is turning decidedly cooler - some students are continually demonstrating they arte not ready to be outside for 25 minutes of recess. Please check to make sure they have a warm layer for these increasingly chilly and windy days.

The Fusion Team