Friday, September 1, 2017

Fusion Communication: September 1, 2017

Hi all,
It’s always a fast and furious three days - Team Fusion hopes your children are coming home tired, but positive.  For those of you receiving this communication for the first time, Team Fusion sends home a weekly communication email.  Generally, the email contains a description of the week’s academics and any important dates and events coming up in the next few weeks. Given school just started, academic summaries will not be included this week.

As we will be digging into academics more next week -  please be sure students have all of their needed supplies. The summer letter (which has the supply list) has been attached to this email, and is located on the team blog.
Team blog link:

September 13 - Two Hour Delay
September 14-15: Overnight Field Trip
September 26 - Open House (generally starts around 6:30pm)
Early to mid-October - Tentative field trip to Burlington
October 11 - Two Hour Delay
October 14 - Montreal Day Trip ($45)
November 8 - Two Hour Delay

All students were asked to get a book this week (from the library or brought in from home). Books should be brought to all study halls and LA class each day.

Overnight Field Trip
Lots to report about the field trip.
  • Most families have submitted paperwork.  If yours has not, an email reminder will be sent every couple of days until the paperwork is submitted:)
  • A small typo on the permission form caused some families to underpay - many apologies. The field trip fee is $25. Mr. Pless will be in touch with affected families next week.
  • That said, scholarships are available. And a big thank you to families that donated extra to help with the scholarships and defray chaperone fees.
  • And we have enough chaperones to make the field trip a go! If you are willing and able, the team needs one more parent of a male student to make the overnight.  Otherwise, a group of young men may have Mr. Pless or Mr. Keblin as their chaperone (or maybe both;).
  • Chaperones - an email will go out this weekend about next steps.  Mr. Pless plans to hold a chaperone meeting - especially for the overnight chaperones - on Wednesday, September 6 with two starting times, 6:30 and 7:15 (you don’t need to stay for both.  Please let Mr. Pless know if you are unable to attend so a time can be established to discuss responsibilities.

Computer Contracts
The computer contracts will go home for students early next week.  A student must return their contract before they will be allowed to take home their laptop home.

A parent letter will go out in the next two weeks about access to your child’s account.

Thanks and have a great Labor Day Weekend,
The Fusion Team