Friday, November 9, 2018

Fusion Communication: November 9

Hi all,

It’s definitely starting to feel like the week before Thanksgiving:) We’re still rolling on Team Fusion, with assessments and final projects before the end of the first trimester. The weather will be much colder next week - students should be prepared to spend 25 minutes in mid-20s next week.

Movember Madness - for the BRMS Food Shelf
BRMS will engage in Movember frenzy this coming week. The BRMS Movember campaign attempts to raise awareness of the needs for wellness during the winter months, but also seeks to raise food items for the BRMS food shelf. During the holiday months, the BRMS school community supports several families with food and personal hygiene items; these families are unable to meet their needs through the area food shelves (or cannot access them because of work schedule, transportation issues).

The basics:
- Any staff member (or 8th grader who checks in with Mr. Pless)can be a participant

- They adopt a "persona" about wellness and make campaign posters to place around the school. For example, Mr. Pless will be "The Man" Mr. Pless (see The Killers "The Man" official music video)

- The more food and personal hygiene items the participants raise, the more "votes" they get in the competition

- Families can donate non-perishable food or personal hygiene items by placing them in boxes by the office. Gift cards to area grocery stores and pharmacies can also be donated (please leave those in Mr. Pless's mailbox).

- There will be the annual Movember parade through the school Friday, November 16 from 8-8:20am.

Laptops should be at school over the weekend:)


November 14: Delayed Start

November 16: Grades Close - 1st trimester

Normal day of school (no fun day but academics will be “low key”)

November 19-23: School Break (teacher inservice Nov. 19-20)

November 30: First ⅞ Dance of the year! Woot!

November 30 (tentative): 7th Grade field trip to International Festival

December 3-7: 1st Trimester Report Cards released

December 12: Delayed Start

December 24-28: No School - break

January 2, 2019(!): School resumes

January 9: Delayed Start

Curriculum Updates

Students should be reading 30 mins a day outside of class (study hall is fine). Reading notebook jotting work will resume after the break.

7 -- Narrative Assessment on Monday and Tuesday -- Students are encouraged to revise and resubmit their pre assessment.

8 -- Information Writing Assessment on Monday and Tuesday -- Students are encouraged to revise their pre assessment and resubmit.


7- This week we finished up the last investigations of our current unit. These involved order of operation, distributive property, and the application of the skills from this unit to word problems. Next week we will be reviewing a unit assessment planned for Thursday.

8- This week we explored modeling by creating lines of best fit for different data plots, developed different strategies for finding the equation of a line between two given points, and in a technology based activity, applied our understanding of linear models to predict the amount of time it takes to charge a phone battery. Next week we will be doing to some small group work to extend individuals understanding of linear relationships and modeling and problem solving.


7 - Students switched formats a bit this week - interpreting interactive digital models of photosynthesis and cellular respiration to help them visualize these microscopic processes. They also conducted an experiment to look for evidence of photosynthesis using a chemical indicator that changes color in the presence of carbon dioxide! They will complete a final assessment for this unit next week.

8 - Students completed a mini-research project on a mineral of their choosing. They focused on the physical and chemical properties of this mineral, as well as how it is used by society. They constructed “mineral cubes”, which are hanging from the classroom ceiling and display the results of their research! Next week will include one final assessment on molecular structures before the end of the trimester.


7 - Students finished up their assessment for the culture unit; these projects will be available mid-week for families to see what is the “culture” of our students. We will take a break this coming week to work on the first phase of the Sovereign State Activity, which will involve a deeper dive into geography and natural resources.

8 - Students have been practicing A LOT of inquiry over the last few weeks; all has been in preparation for the district assessment next week and to be more critical, thoughtful citizens:). The district assessment will have the students apply their analysis of historical documents, maps and discussions to create an argument about the American Revolution’s roots. Please be checking with your child about their level of preparation and focus for this final assessment.

Looks like we’ll be embracing winter again next week. If you have not received an emergency test (phone call or email) from the district, please contact Central Office: 434-2128.

The Fusion Team