Friday, December 8, 2017

Fusion Communication: December 8

Hi all,
Things are getting colder - at least for the next few days. Please make sure your child is prepared to be outside for 20 minutes… some days that 20 minutes seems WAY longer if a child is not prepared.

Got Report Cards?
All families should have received a report card in the mail - contact team if you did not.

8th Grade Families - December 15 Field Trip Information
A reminder that 8th grade students will be going to the UVM physics lab and to the Davis Center for lunch next Friday.  Several permission forms still need to be returned.  I will send reminder emails to families next week, as needed.  Students should be prepared for short walks on the UVM campus; they should bring a bagged lunch or money to purchase lunch at the Davis Center; they should also look forward to many exciting physics demonstrations!  Thanks in advance to chaperone volunteers!

7th Grade Families - Foodarama on December 15
On Friday, December 15, the Fusion 7th graders will host an event called “Foodarama”. Teams from around the school will be invited to join Fusion -starting at 1pm - for five servings of food from around the world.  Fusion students should be bringing home recipes this weekend, and at the latest Monday, for families to look over and help students plan the recipe; students know families have final say:)  Students are allowed to select from the following categories: appetizers, entrees / main dishes, side dishes and desserts. The recipes should contain at least 20 servings.  Contact Mr. pless if there are questions.

All Laptops are at school over the weekend
You will be contacted if your child’s laptop is missing from the cart. If you are contacted, please secure the laptop for the weekend. Student should bring it back on Monday morning.

December 13 - Two Hour Delay
December 15 - 8th grade field trip to University of Vermont physics lab.  
                         7th Grade - Foodarama at BRMS 1pm
December 22 - BRMS Fun Day (no academics)
December Break - December 25-29, January 1, 2018!
January 10 - Delayed Start
January 15 - Martin Luther King Day; No school for students
February 14 - Delayed Start

Books should be brought to all study halls and LA class each day.

7- We continue to work our way through Tuck Everlasting in class. Our on -class discussions about this book have been really rich and interesting.

8- We just finished our class read aloud, Chains. Students are working on a poster project (due on Tuesday). Details are on Schoology. They will have class time to work on it on Monday.

7 - Students completed their research papers on human body systems on Friday!  They have worked diligently these past 2 weeks researching their human disease/condition and how specific body systems work together to keep us alive!  Next week, we will focus more on the endocrine and nervous systems.

8 - This week, students investigated the thermal conductivity of a variety of materials, then used their results to design and build an insulated water bottle.  They analyzed their results and the engineering design process.  Next week, we investigate melting points and other phase changes of different types of matter. Our field trip to the UVM physics lab is on Friday!

7 - Students started the week with a heavy focus on the “Big 5” religions, taking notes and engaging in discussion about Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam.  They worked in groups reviewing the actions and beliefs of people who practice these religions around the world using Culturegrams interviews. Students are now identifying recipes and working to prove those recipes are from the countries the students think they are from; these recipes will lead to the “Foodarama” on December 15 (described above).

8 - Students started the week with the assessment for the Boston Massacre and the end of the Causes of the American Revolution unit.  They began a film unit, exploring the messages given to Americans about the Revolution through Schoolhouse Rocks animated shorts, and three full-length feature films: Johnny Tremain (1957), April Morning (1988), and The Crossing (2000).

7 - At the beginning of the week, we explored finding volume of cylinders.  We spent the rest of our week preparing for the unit assessment which will be this coming Tuesday.  Students have a reference page of notes to study from. We will spend Monday reviewing the practice test and doing last minute preparations for the unit assessment.

8 - We are cruising through our current unit, Looking for Pythagoras. We discovered and have been applying the theorem.  We also made proofs for the theorem and created rules for what types of triangles satisfy the theorem.  Next week, we will be looking closer at irrational numbers.

Snow by Sunday evening… not that helps for the weekend. For those more inclined for the indoors, enjoy the longer nights next to the fire (or the start of the basketball / hockey seasons).

The Fusion Team