Friday, August 25, 2017

Fusion Overnight Field Trip Update: Aug. 25

Field Trip Update
A revised overnight field trip overview and permission slip are in the blog post under this one.  The basic trip is still in place but there have been changes:
- Fee for the trip is $25 (checks should be made out to BRMS with the memo line titled Team Fusion)
- September 14: Team will not leave school any earlier than 8:30am
- September 15: Team will visit Crown Point State Park

Otherwise, as soon as possible Mr. Pless needs to know who is planning to chaperone the field trip. To make the trip successful, Team Fusion needs the following numbers of chaperones(not including teaching staff) for each segment of the trip:
- Ft. Ticonderoga - 10 chaperones
- DAR Overnight - 14 chaperones
- Crown Point - 10 chaperones
**If you already committed to chaperone, please let Mr. Pless know again - thank you for the redundancy:)

Thanks and let Mr. Pless know if you have questions - Sincerely,

Team Fusion