Friday, December 16, 2016

2016-17 Student Daily Schedules

2016-17 7th Grade Schedule
2016-17 8th Grade Schedule

Fusion Communication: December 16

Hi all,
OK - winter is at full throttle - what a difference a year makes! That said, we are rolling along on Fusion.  Please be advised that most teachers have assessments early next week, so if your family is leaving early for break please contact us.

Calling or texting home when sick
There have been a couple of times this December when a Fusion student has contacted someone at home through email or by text, stating they (the student) are sick, and want to be picked up. Please note that the school policy for a sick student wanting to go home, they should first go to the nurse’s office and the nurse will contact the family.

If your child does contact you about being sick, please notify the nurse on duty at BRMS before making plans to pick up your child.  

Appropriate clothing for recess
As you may have noticed, it’s a bit chilly outside these days.  Please make sure your child has the appropriate coat and hat to be outside for up to 50 minutes a day.

Penguin Plunge 2017
BRMS will be kicking off the 2017 Penguin Plunge effort next week.  If you, your child are interested, please go online to the link below and register.

December 22 - Fun Day celebrations, Penguin Plunge Kick-off
December 23-January 1, 2017 - Holiday Break
January 11 - Two hour delay
January 20 - 8th graders meet with MMU guidance counselors 8-9am (Topic: Transition to high school))
February 8 - Two Hour Delay

Academic Area Update
7th: In preparation for our argument writing unit, students have been participating in debates in class. We have talked about a variety of school related issues (year-round school, school uniforms). Students have been had many opportunities to practice gathering evidence to support a claim. Next we will move into a Research Clubs Unit to prepare students further for writing argument essays.

8th: Students in 8th grade are nearing the end of our Dystopian Book Clubs Unit. We have been practicing the skill of stopping and jotting notes about a text while reading. Students have examined their books in great detail, examining setting and mood, while also identifying dystopian characteristics. The goal is to finish these books before the break and to celebrate with treats and hot chocolate next Thursday morning. If you are interested in sending baked goods to school to share, please email Mrs. Bessette.

7th: As an introduction to learning about heredity, students began to examine physical traits of themselves and their classmates.  They compared who has attached earlobes, freckles, hair on their fingers, and other interesting traits.  They are currently getting into the details of Mendelian genetics.  This will set the stage for their family tree project over break.

Repeat Message from last week: Coming soon, students will create a family tree poster that traces genetic traits and/or traits that are acquired, or learned, over 3 generations.  Students have the choice of researching their own family tree, the family of another species, such as a pet, or a famous person's family.  The goal is for students to gain experience tracing the lineage of specific traits within a family and to relate this experience to our studies of genetics and inheritance.  I know that there can be sensitivity around this type of project for some students and families; my hope is that the options provided allow for every student to have a positive experience with this assignment.  Please let me know if you have any particular concerns or suggestions.  I plan to introduce the project before the next holiday vacation to give students time over the break to gather photos, images, and information. Thank you.

8th:   This week, students explored relationships between gravity and mass and between gravity and distance using an online simulator, while learning how to record and display data using Google Sheets.  They are beginning to pull together concepts related to gravity, acceleration, and friction to understand comparisons between objects falling to earth.  Next week, we’ll review air resistance and terminal velocity on Monday.  They’ll complete a quiz on Tuesday.


7th Grade: Students continued to explore the Five Big Religions of the world through readings, images and a food activity.
PLEASE NOTE: 7th grade students will be bringing in a prepared recipe next week as part of a culminating activity.  Check in with your child as to what day they signed up to bring in their food, and to ask what they need to prepare this recipe.

8th Grade: Students continued to explore the Declaration of Independence and started a new movie, The Crossing, about the American Revolution.


7th: Student finished up the unit, Accentuate the Negative, with a unit test on Thursday. Today we began Stretching and Shrinking. This unit explores the concept of similar figures and scaling figures.

8th CMP: This week we discovered and proved the Pythagorean Theorem (with a little help from Pythagoras. We will spend next week applying the theorem to find the missing sides of right triangles.

8th Algebra: We wrapped up Unit 1B this week with a unit test. We will be studying linear relationships and inequalities in our next unit.

Thanks, and hopefully you are enjoying this very snowy December - several more inches projected for this weekend.