Saturday, September 10, 2016

Fusion Communication: September 10

Hi all,
Hope everyone is enjoying the warm temps this weekend - next week looks much cooler.  Speaking of cool, see below all the cool things Team Fusion is starting - or has in store - for the coming weeks

September 14 - Two Hour Delay
September 15 - Field Trip Lake Elmore (free)
September 27 - Open House (generally starts around 6:30pm)
September 30 - Burlington Field Trip ($5)
October 12 - Two Hour Delay
October 14 - Montreal Day Trip ($45)

All students were asked to get a book this week (from the library or brought in from home). Books should be brought to all study halls and LA class each day.

Upcoming Field Trips
Much more detailed explanations of the three field trips are in the attached documents, but a basic summary for each trip is listed below:
  • September 15 - Lake Elmore State Park

  • September 30 - Burlington
    • Grade 7: Seventh Generation visit, investigate Church Street from a cultural perspective, possibly interview the Mayor of Burlington
    • Grade 8: Melosira research vessel, Career Unit exploration

  • October 14 - Invade Montreal!
    • Grade 7: Act as tour guides to the rich culture of the city
    • Grade 8: Act as tour guides of the historical connections between Montreal and the United States
    • Both Grades: Archeology Museum and over two hours free time with chaperones to investigate the city

Academic Area Update

LA: Reading logs will be assigned on Monday. Starting next week students are expected to read 30 minutes each day for a total of 150 minutes per week. Reading logs will have a list of questions at the bottom. Students should select one to respond to.

I will be offering writing help after school on Tuesdays. Students are welcome to attend. I just ask that families send an email to let me know that your student will be attending - this way I know you are aware your student is staying after school and have arranged for transportation home. We end in time for kids to catch the 3:25 bus.

Math: We have started the year in all classes following the Week of Inspirational Math. This combines videos about brain science and growth mindset with engaging math problems and activities to prime students’ attitudes, thinking, and class processes for the year. We will begin our first units for each class at the beginning of next week.

7th - Students began their study of life science by learning to practice the skills of a botanist!  We are collecting tree leaves from the restored buffer around the schoolyard, from home, as well as from the natural buffer along the Browns River. Using close observations of each leaf characteristic, students are learning to accurately identify their trees.

8th - Students were introduced to their study of physical science by considering the Big Bang Theory of how the universe began.  Currently, we are working to gain a perspective on the scale and organization of the universe.  Each student is researching one celestial object to summarize and then share with others next week.

7th - Students have begun exploring the geography of the world through a continents review and have begun the current events program - students will use the Newsela program  for most of their current events.  In addition, much time has been spent exploring the capabilities of Schoology and looking at “digital footprints”, and discussing how student’s school accounts should remain for school use only.

8th - The major activity this week was introducing the current events website Newsela and having students prepare for a debate about the following question: Should the IOC (International Olympic Committee) build a permanent home for the Olympics?

Thanks and enjoy another great weather weekend… although we could use the rain,
Team Fusion